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Signature Makeover - Makeup & Beauty
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Love confidence that makeup gives you?

Makeup is the most important part of a woman’s collection. Our carefully hand-selected makeup and beauty-related services will allow you to feel confident about yourself in and outside the workplace. We aim to inspire your beauty by offering our dedicated services that help lay the foundation for making your wishes come true!

We provide professional makeup services like wedding and memorial makeovers, including engagements & others.

We have covered you whether you’re interested in trying a new hairstyle or experimenting with a new look for your special day. Making yourself feel confident and beautiful is essential to us.

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An opportunity to look who you are

Our team of professionals always is ready to help you to look your best and feel confident. Our signature style makeover provide our clients with all sorts of services when it comes to helping them look beautiful on a daily basis because it’s the little things that count most, like grooming your nails or straightening and styling your hair into a fashion-forward cut that is sure to get you noticed!

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Signature Makeover- Hairstyles
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Why choose us

Because we know that our valued customers are the foundation to our business success - Signature Makeover services is constantly striving to develop long lasting relationships with every one of you. It's important for us to be as helpful and responsive as possible - because we know once you've experienced the exceptional service we provide, you'll recommend us to your friends, relatives, even colleagues at work! You'll want everyone you love looking their best To read more about what others have said about our services, click here.


Party Make-up

Are you ready for the party?
With our professionals, become party-ready. You can look your best with a little #signature_makeup that will reflect everyone your real personality.

No matter which party you attend, the professional makeup team is ready to help!
From an evening of glamour to a day full of fun and smiles, we’ll help you create your personal “signature look” with one-on-one attention from beginning to end.


Facial allows you to detoxify and get the natural glow of your skin. A facial is an all-natural, manufactured product that thoroughly cleanses your skin, giving it a rejuvenated appearance and leaving you feel stress-free. We are always ready to help you.

You can enjoy the relaxing pamper effects of facial when you’re feeling anxious or burnt out. We’ll make sure you get rid of all your worries by reducing them both physically and mentally through a simple procedure that effectively forces away toxins from your body. Experience the power of natural healing with us!

Bridal Make-up

Brides must look their best on their wedding day. A bridal makeup artist can use some tricks to make you look gorgeous, bringing out an inner natural beauty that makes your skin glow. Because you need it on this day, a celebrity makeup artist will take the time to make sure everything is just right and not rushed during your big day.

Engagement Make-up

Our professionals help you learn how to make a lasting first impression. After all, it’s the key to how well you communicate with your customers and how they are able to recognize you in their busy day. People remember faces that stick out; as an entrepreneur, it’s important to have exceptional imagery that makes your brand memorable for everyone who encounters it.

Reception Make-up

Our beauty and make up artists are ready to present you with the options that we can offer your party whether you want to go for a reception party look or a more natural outdoorsy look and then transform you into anything from a classic Hollywood actress, or someone who is going to break all the hearts on the dance floor.

Hair Care

Everyone wants to appear trendy and put-together because of the ever changing fashion trends in today’s marketplace.

Everyone wants to look more aesthetically appealing. Our hair salon services get you exactly the cut and style that you want while serving the needs of your faces and personal taste!

Contact Us to find out more details about our hair styling products, including Hair Colors, Shampoo & Conditioner, Hair Treatments, Perms & Straightening, Coloring & Highlights, etc…

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicures make your hands clean, safe and presentable. They strengthen and harden your nails, maintain healthy skin throughout your body and makes one feel confident going into challenges or events.
Pedicures are vital to keeping your toes clean, your nails neat and tidy and your feet smelling fresh. A pedicure can help keep you relaxed, rejuvenate you after a long day’s work or assist in problem areas such as getting rid of aches and pains that come with having young sprouting children running around the house all of the time! They also promote good blood circulation which helps maintain healthy skin on the rest of your body.


Waxing is quick, affordable, and effective at removing hair from areas of the body. Our expert estheticians can usually remove hair from the upper lip, eyebrow area, chin, arms, underarm, legs and bikini areas without causing much pain or wasting time because we’ve done this so many times before that we know how to handle each person’s specific needs. Waxing also helps save you from infections like Shaving cuts as well as irritation of skin after shaving. It keeps your genitals clean since it doesn’t touch anything that might be a potential source of an infection. Since waxing lasts longer than shaving it can be less costly in the long run though understandably more painful in the short term to get it done professionally rather than over-the-counter but the results are awesome!

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