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Signature Makeover - Hair Extension
Makeup lesson

I love confidence that makeup gives me.

We make you feel beautiful by creating artificial extensions such as hair extensions, nail extensions, and eyelashes extensions. because we want you to look more gorgeous. with more beauty customization options, makes your great looks even greater!

We make you look beautiful by creating extensions like hair extensions, fake eyelashes or even false nails. We want you to feel more glamorous and confident! With so many beauty customization options available today, it’s true that a lot of them are only aimed at making women look better and attracting men! We understand that sometimes an ordinary look isn’t enough for us to be loved by friends and family in a society constantly evaluating our appearance. What is “plain” enough anymore? It’s important to understand what our unique strengths are, and learn how to use makeup as well as other tools (such as artificial eyelashes) to make the most of them without relying solely on external factors like hair prosthetics.


Get ready with our professional's team

Our team of professionals always is ready to help you to look your best and feel confident. Our signature style makeover provide our clients with all sorts of services when it comes to helping them look beautiful on a daily basis because it’s the little things that count most, like grooming your nails or straightening and styling your hair into a fashion-forward cut that is sure to get you noticed!

Signature Makeover Salon - Extension
Signature Makeover Salon - manicure pedicure
Signature Makeover Salon - eyelashes

Why choose us.

Because we know that our valued customers are the foundation to our business success - Signature Makeover services is constantly striving to develop long lasting relationships with every one of you. It's important for us to be as helpful and responsive as possible - because we know once you've experienced the exceptional service we provide, you'll recommend us to your friends, relatives, even colleagues at work! You'll want everyone you love looking their best To read more about what others have said about our services, click here .


Signature Makeover Salon - pedicure

Manicures make your hands clean, safe and presentable. They strengthen and harden your nails, maintain healthy skin throughout your body and makes one feel confident going into challenges or events.

Pedicure at Signature Makeover
Classic Pedicure

While getting a pedicure, you can get a message on your lower legs. A pedicure is more than simply achieving a goal or completing a task – it ultimately helps us relax and makes us feel better. Pedicures also help heal our bodies and improve our blood flow.

Pedicures are vital to keeping your toes clean, your nails neat and tidy and your feet smelling fresh. A pedicure can help keep you relaxed, rejuvenate you after a long day’s work or assist in problem areas such as getting rid of aches and pains that come with having young sprouting children running around the house all of the time! They also promote good blood circulation which helps maintain healthy skin on the rest of your body. A pedicure is something that professionals do best so make sure that you visit one every so often to ensure proper care for everyone wearing sandals!

Nail Polishing at Signature Makeover Salon
Nail Extensions

Nail extension is the ultimate finishing touch for every woman’s manicure, adding colour and design to form a truly unique look. Nail Extension is the beauty of women’s hand with the protective function, and make you more attractive.

Signature Makeover Salon - Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a beautiful way to express your individuality, style and make you feel like you’re in charge of how your hair flows. Add new life and dimension to your hair with the best hair extensions available today!

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The services provided by Signature Makeover salon are incredible! The make-up lasts forever and looks fantastic. Their staff is nice, responsive, and they always give me the service I am looking for. All in all, I highly recommend them as a business because they're great!
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